This years tour spots will be the following:

A. Dietetics/ Hospitality

1) 10-12 Kendall College Culinary Arts program, tour, presentation and buffet style lunch
2) 1-2:30- Rush University Hospital, tour dietetics program
3) 3:15-4:45- Hotel 71 hospitality, food services, restaurant tour

B. Human Services/ Education

1) 8:00 Children’s Memorial Hospital                                                                           2) 10:30 Erikson Institute                                                                                          3) Richard J. Daley Center (Clay County Courthouse)                                                     4) Women Infant and Children (WIC)

C. Fashion 1

1) 10:00 Ford Models                                                                                                 2) 11:00 Bate’s Design                                                                                               3) 11:30-12:30 lunch                                                                                                 4) 1:00 24/7 Inc.

D. Fashion 2

1) 10:30 Ford Models                                                                                                 2) 11:30 Bate’s Design                                                                                               3) 12:00-1:30 lunch                                                                                                   4) 1:00 24/7 Inc.

E. Interior Design

Bakker Knapp and Tubbs:  This is a company that is a part of the Kohler Interiors family of companies.  Baker Knapp and Tubbs have been around since the 1920’s they have show rooms across the country featuring product lines that are Contemporary, traditional and casual in style.  The Kohler Interiors company also offers two types of programs for students; summer internships and a co-op program, link number two below will take you to the student portion of Kohler Interiors website.



Century Furniture:  Century has been around since 1947 offering finely crafted luxury furniture with impeccable design and quality and legendary service to their customers.  Century offers over 2,000 options in fabrics, leathers and trims and over 50 finishes giving you truly infinite possibilities as to how you can express yourself through furniture.  Being “green” in design is no longer a fad but a way of life and Century furniture is very involved with green design offering three different “green” product lines; Naturals, The BiOH Polyols and water hyacinth, link number two below will direct you to the environmental section of Century Furniture’s website so you can learn more.


The Graham Foundation:  Since 1963, the Graham Foundation has been located in the Madlener House, a 9,000 square foot Prairie-style mansion located in the historic Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. The work of architect Richard E. Schmidt and designer Hugh M. G. Garden, the house was built in 1901–02 for Albert Fridolin Madlener and his wife Elsa Seipp Madlener.  Many of the details in the Madlener house clearly reveal the influence of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.  We will also be viewing the work of legendary Chicago architect Stanley Tigerman while at this tour stop.  The curators are very knowledgeable in the field of design past and present so come geared with questions, this I hope will be a great stop for you to see the “roots” of design and how architecture can influence interior design.  The first link listed below is to the information on the Stanley Tigerman exhibit and the second link is for the main page of the Graham Foundation website.


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