Miscellaneous Tips

In case you do not know what to pack here are some helpful tips on What to Wear:

Casual and Business Casual clothes


Dress Pants: Black or grey

Dress Shirts: Button ups (Solid colors or base stripes)

Dress Shoes: Probably all black

NO tie is required

All black belt

Oh and DON’T forget dress sock!


Dress Bottoms: Skirts (not too short), Pants or winter dress

Dress Tops: Button ups, layers (tank top, turtle neck, sweater), cargians, etc

NO midriffs or extreme cleavage

Dress Shoes: Comfortable shoes that will keep you safe and warm

Wear heels at YOUR OWN RISK. It will be winter and the tours last all day and you maybe be traveling all over the city.

Make sure to bring plenty of socks or stockings to keep your legs warm especially if you are wearing a skirt, dress or flat shoes.

Other items to bring:

Jeans or t-shirts for free time

tennis shoes for shopping


warm coat

ear muffs





and a SMILE šŸ™‚


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